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How can I access the Control Panel?

When you purchase web hosting or website package we will email you the login details for your new account once its created. This mostly takes within 24 hours. You can use the link on top left corner Control Panel to log in.


Where can I access the Database and FTP?

You need to log into the Control Panel. In there you can find Databae section. On the right hand side there is located FTP block with all details. Please ensure the FTP is unlocked. It can be unlocked by time or by IP address. These are the security measures we recently added.


How can I create my website?

This depending on your webiste package. Please check the documentation or how it works section to find all relevant details.


How to remove my account?

If you wish to terminate your account or services please email us at:
We will remove your account and your personal details from our system. We wont hold or share your details. Find out more in Privacy Policy page.